A volunteer is a volunteer until you accept a leadership role...
then it becomes a responsibility.

While this past weekend simply signifies a long-awaited prelude to summer for some, it is much more than that for others. Memorial Day not only provides a great opportunity for introspective reflection, but the stories of what constitutes great leadership surrounding this holiday are frankly too numerous to count. The more I reflect on the courage and heroism of our military and those on the front lines, the more I realize the same characteristics present in the heart of a warrior are nothing short of a blueprint for success with respect to the leadership traits that should also be present in our community leaders. There is nothing more special than someone who gives of themselves for others, and nowhere is this more evident than with those who serve in the military. You have elected your Leadership Team in Kiwanis, but it starts right here, with you. Accept the responsibility to make this world a better place and help those who are less fortunate. We need more Kiwanians like you, those who care, and those who are committed. Honor those who have gone before us by continuing their mission.

Congratulations to your 2022-23 Leadership Team

Beginning Oct. 1st, your new Board of Directors will be as follows: Past Pres. Myron Guilford, Pres. Doug Huntsucker, Pres Elect. Jake Cook, Vice Pres. Stefanie Gall.

Directors: Ed Bell, Dale Cronwell, Brian Hinton, Jim Huffaker, Dan Gall, Terry Jack, Chris Mills, Eric Spoon, and Sharon Trainor.

Give them our support and thanks for taking this responsibility.