Kiwanis Committees

Club Administration-coordinates all club activities and manages club meetings.
Chairperson: Ron Boyce
Programs: Doug Smith
Welcome/Attendance: Keith Forehand

Community Services-coordinates community projects.
Chair Person: Dave Hornkohl
Adopt a Highway: Dave Burris
Adopt a Precinct: Keith Forehand
COA Fall Festival: Hercules Pettis
Friday Fest: Brian Hinton
Meals on Wheels: Bob Daffin
Salvation Army: Henry Hazard

Finance-manages club finances.
Chair Person: Keith Forehand
Auditors: Emanuel Gonzales, Jerry Sowell

Fund Raising-organizes fund raising projects.
Chairperson: Mike Dickey
Haunted Hayride: Dale Cronwell
Holiday Auction: Kay Cherry
Jazz Fest: Hercules Pettis
Low Country Boil: TBA Pancake Days: Ron Boyce

Human and Spiritual Values-manages special needs of Kiwanis club members.
Chair Person: Jim Huffaker
Sympathy Cards:

Interclub/House and Fellowship-coordinates activities between other Kiwanis clubs.
Chair Person: Dan Gall

Membership, Retention, and Education-coordinates new member recruiting, retention and education.
Chair Person: Ed Bell, Michael Goodson
New Member Orientation: Keith Forehand
Induction: Dan Gall

Public Relations- distributes information about club activities to the community.
Chairperson: Stefanie Gall, Toni Shamplain
Web Site: Melissa Jackson Brister
Facebook: Kerry Martinez
Photographer: Ed Bell
Pulse Editor: Keith Forehand

Chairperson Yvonne Petrasovits, Cheri McGraw
Annual Banquet: Keith Forehand

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Service Leadership Programs-coordinates activities of Kiwanis clubs in schools.
Chairperson: Doug Huntsucker

School Advisors:
Arnold High School: Jerry Barber
Bay High School: Jake Cook
Bozeman School: Jerry Wade
Mosley High School: Doug Huntsucker
North Bay Haven High School: Coni Kalata
BUG Programs: Coni Kalata
Chautaugua Action Club: Bob Kuchta
Beach Elementary: AC Stagg
Northside Elementary: Todd Brister
Tommy Smith Elementary: Keith Forehand
Merritt Brown Middle School: Paul Mosca
Surfside Middle School: AC Stagg

Young Children-Priority One- manages programs and activities for younger children.
Chair Person: Sharon Owens
Read Around the World: Ron Boyce
Kidfest: TBA
Head Start:

Youth Services- manages programs and activities for older children.
Chair Person: Scott Clemons, Randy Jordan
Boys & Girls Club: JC Schwab
Boy Scouts: Dale Cronwell
Special Olympics: TBA